About FIXViewer

FIXViewer is a product of Gamma Three Trading, LLC. Gamma Three provides financial technology products and services. As a longtime member of the FIX Protocol Group (FIX Trading Community), we are dedicated to the promotion, education, and evolution of the FIX Protocol.

Frequenty Asked Questions

Are there any fees for using FIXViewer?

No! FIXViewer is offered as a free tool.

What versions of the FIX Protocol does FIXViewer support?

FIXViewer will parse and display all messages and tags defined in all publisher versions of FIX, from FIX.4.0 through FIX 5.0Sp2. If a custom message of FIX tag is included, the parser will only return the tag number.

How can I load FIX Messages in FIXViewer

There are 3 ways to submit FIX Messages to FIXViewer:
  • Open File Dialog: Load a file from your desktop
  • Drag and Drop: Drag and Drop a file to the target area on FIXViewer
  • Paste Text: Cut and paste FIX Messages into the text box.

Is there a desktop client application, instead of web based?

Yes! If you would prefer to use a local FIX Log Viewer, download the client.